Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order-Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Master

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Basic Strategy

2 Hatcheries into Hydralisk

Ok, this is a basic zerg build order but in my experience it is VERY effective.  I basically took this build order from the Shokz Official Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide.  Only the BEST strategy guide for Starcraft 2.

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Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order

10/10 – Build drones and overlord

10/10 – Use the extractor trick to get an extra drone building

11/18 – Spawning pool

11/18 – Scout with a drone/overlord.  Make sure opponent is not doing rush, if he is then prepare by building speedlings and roaches, otherwise keep to the build.

14/18 – Queen right after spawning pool is finished

15/18 – Build 4 zerglings to pressure and surprise your enemy a bit.

18/18 – Another overlord

18/18 – Make an extractor and get three drones harvest the crap out of it once its done.

20/26 – Time to expand.  Build another hatchery near the closest expansion.

Upgrade your first hatchery into a Lair once you get enough gas.

24/26 – Get another overlord.  Damnit, I hate these slow things.

25/26 – Second extractor.  Get 3 of your virtual slaves on that right away.

As soon as lair is done get to the Hydralisk Den right away and continue to build your drone slaves at your expansion for more income.  You should by now have enough money to mass Hydralisks.  Be sure to keep scouting on your opponent and you could also get some Roaches to aid your Hydralisks.  Mixing it up is key in a starcraft 2 zerg build order.

Scouting is very important for this Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order.  You want to make sure he is not rushing your ass.  If he is, then you want to start making some spine crawlers and build some lings and roaches for protection while, using the original Hydralisk strategy to keep producing Hydras.  Just don’t look like this:

starcraft 2 zerg build order

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Main Strategy

The main objective of this zerg build order is to get mass Hydralisks for early to mid offense, and generate enough wealth to keep your units coming after your first attack.

The KEY to this starcraft 2 zerg build order is SCOUTING.  Make sure you have an overlord for constant scouting and keep an eye on her if she expands.  If the expansion occurs, then try to take her out right away.  If not, then you have economy advantage, so keep producing units and try to expand more if possible.

Switch to Mutalisks

What do you do when your opponent counters your Hydralisks badly?  Switch to Mutalisk.  Produce Roaches for a good mix and make a Spire so that you can start making some lean, mean, fighting machine Mutalisks.

Other Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Strategies

So where did I get this build order?  Don’t tell anyone though.  Shhhh.  It’s supposed to be my BIG secret in getting so good at Starcraft 2.  The secret is Shokz Starcraft strategy guide.  This is what did it for me.  Yup, it’s like my steroid for Starcraft.

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Trust me.  I sucked at starcraft 2.  I sucked at starcraft one.  I even sucked in single player with all the cheats on.  But for some reason I thought I was good.  And so I decided to play on  Ouch.  I hated the game, but I still loved to play.  They all called me newb.  I’ve seen my teammates type GG more than anything else.

So I decided to go at this the smart way.  I looked for a guide.  I was literally looking for a “guide.”  Someone to teach me how to play Starcraft 2 better.  But I couldn’t find one online, but I came across the Secret Strategy Guide.  DAMMMM.  The game was explained in a very easy-to-follow type of way and gave newbs like me a boost up in the rankings!  Even as I went up in rank, I still would look at the starcraft 2 zerg build order in the guide for guidance.

It did take some time and practicing the build orders and strategies again and again until I mastered it.  I first started out with Zerg and expanded from there to Protoss and then to Terran.  I play random now.

I can’t say that I’m the best, because I’ve seen some CRAZY good players out there.  These guys have micro skills of like three people.  I bet they can play all three races at once and still beat me and two teammates.  They must be Korean.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was I thought I can get better by just playing more, but boy was I wrong.  I don’t think just doing something more makes you any better.  I think you have to do something SMARTER while doing it more to make you truly better at something.  That just so happened to me while playing Starcraft 2.

So if you want to check out what made me TRULY better at the Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order and mastered the Zerg race along with Protoss and Terran then make sure to check out this guide.

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Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order-Zerg Build Orders Overview

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Strategies

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order is probably the most straightforward and versatile out of all three starcraft races.  All their building structures are pretty much the same and these buildings are usually much faster and cheaper to build than the other two races.

The strength of starcraft 2 zerg build order is their large armies and many expandable units which are simple to use.  Another advantage of the Zerg class is that you can build your troops right at your home base!  Without the need to build a gateway or barracks like Terran and Protoss.  And since all their units are produced from larva which comes from their hatcheries, the Zerg can produce any unit they need which makes them very flexible and can build many mixes of armies.

The raw power of the starcraft 2 zerg build order is their extreme speed in which they can produce troops and build buildings.  The zerg, as you may already know, is the fastest race out of the three starcraft races.  Not only are they the fastest, but they are probably the cheapest too.  Most of their buildings costs less than their Protoss and Terran equivalents and the building speed is also slightly faster as well.

After going through a huge battle, the players may face large losses of troops, however, that is not a big problem for the Zerg race.  The starcraft 2 zerg build order allows the zerg to almost instantly create their military back in seconds, if resources allow it.  Their flexibility also give them the power to produce and counter any difficulties they may face because their hatcheries can create any troops as long as they have the right structures built.

Also with the Zerg, you don’t need to waste space to have your upkeep going.  Since Zergs rely on overlord’s, and overlord’s can be built pretty fast, they won’t need to worry about maxing out their units upkeep.

starcraft 2 zerg build order

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Weaknesses

The first weakness of the Starcraft 2 zerg build order that comes to mind is their variety.  They do not have much abilities and moves to rely on unlike the Protoss Build Order.  They also lack many caster options and there isn’t much to micro with them as well.  But of course without being able to micro so much, the player can focus on attack and building a huge army!

Another disadvantage that I can think of is their weak units.  Although the zerg units are cheap and made really fast, they are also the weakest units out of the three races.  A big swarm of zerglings may seem huge and powerful, but if you come across a high templar, then bye bye army.

Another weakness of Zergs is their overlords can be a slight irritation.  Soon you’ll have so many overlords that it’ll be hard to control all of them.  One strategy may be to place them all in one place, but if they are found by the enemy with strong air support then that goes your upkeep.  Overlords are good scouters early on in the game for sure, but they sometimes can be annoying if the enemy is using an air-to-air strategy.  You have to keep building them and watching out for them and this takes a lot of money.

Zergs also face critical structures.  What this means is that if they lose a certain building, say a spire, then they can’t build any more mutalisks or any air troops until it’s rebuilt.  What’s even worse is you lose a Greater Spire.  Ouch!  Or even worse is a Hatchery!  Which is a good reason to always expand.

Since Zerg armies are also almost always close together they also face a con in their area of effect damage.  I can think of two units that are like kryptonite to the Zerg:  the Terran Tank and the Protoss Psionic Storm.  If you do not have a counter for these two then GG!  Even the best Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order has flaws so be aware.

Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order Units Overview

Once again, the strength of the Zerg is their speed and numbers.  They are also generally fast units.  I meant literally, these guys can run!  Well, let me go over some of the core units in the Zerg race.

Speedlings: Are strong against slow lazasaurus units.  The Terran tank and the Protoss Reaver come to mind.

Roaches: Basically used for their burrowing feature and can be strong when in groups.

Hydralisk: The Mario of the Zerg family.  What I mean is that they are well-rounded characters that can do a lot of versatile jobs.

Mutalisk: My personal favorite.  These guys are quick and are good for those hit and run attacks to both air and ground units.  They are also VERY effective when using focus fire.

Banelings: Zergs version of area of effect damage aka splash damage.  Kamikaze style!

Queen: Have you ever seen an ant farm without a queen?  A Zerg player shouldn’t be without one either.

Ultralisk: Slow, big, and stupid, but POWERFUL!  Against ground units at least.

In terms of which unit to use, it really depends on the strategy your going with and who your opponent is.  However, it should always be the case that you MIX up your units whoever your up against.  Many players use mass this and mass that, but in my experience the best type of army is a mixed one, especially if you’re using a Starcraft 2 zerg build order.

I’ve also gotten most of my build orders and strategies from a Starcraft 2 Guide which can be found here: Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide.

This guide covers it all.  The best thing since sliced bread.  Well, that’s it for now on my Starcraft 2 Zerg Build Order.

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